BUS 461 Internship

Spring, Fall

This internship course provides an experiential approach to the learning process and affords Business majors the opportunity to work in both business and nonprofit organizations for academic credit. Students are encouraged to explore areas of possible career interest through internships. Students must have the approval of and coordinate with a designated Professor in the Department of Business on an internship that exposes the student to meaningful aspects of a career in business. The Career Services Office will also coordinate the internship choice. There are requirements for both the sponsoring organization and for the student. The student must submit a resume, an application, have an interview arranged an interview with the on-site supervisor, and prepare an essay summarizing the experience, all as directed by the supervising Professor. This internship program is limited to Business majors and is available only for non-paid internships. Course may be repeated for credit, but no more than eight credits may be counted toward graduation. Grades will be assigned on a pass/fail basis.