The Faculty

Rhodes’ strength as a distinguished college of the liberal arts and sciences is dependent on an exceptionally able student body and a faculty of effective teachers and committed scholars. College planning, including curriculum and academic facilities, is done with the objective of making it possible for students and faculty to create an imaginative and challenging learning experience.

Rhodes recruits faculty members who demonstrate excellent teaching and who show promise of continued and significant scholarly activity. The College also depends on the Faculty to provide leadership not only in academic development for the College but also in the overall governance of the institution. 

The College is justifiably proud of the accomplishments of its Faculty. In particular, the Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching, the Clarence Day Award for Research and Creative Activity, and the Jameson M. Jones Outstanding Faculty Service Award are given to those individuals judged as deserving of special recognition. Award winners have been as follows:

Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching

1981 Dr. Jack U. Russell, Mathematics
1982 Dr. Marshall E. McMahon, Economics
1983 Dr. William Larry Lacy, Philosophy
1984 Dr. James M. Vest, French
1985 Dr. Fred W. Neal, Religious Studies
1986 Dr. E. Llewellyn Queener, Psychology
1987 Dr. Rebecca Sue Legge, Business Administration
1988 Dr. Terry W. Hill, Biology
1989 Dr. F. Michael McLain, Religious Studies
1990 Dr. Cynthia Marshall, English
1991 Dr. William T. Jolly, Classics
1992 Dr. G. Kenneth Williams, Mathematics
1993 Dr. Jennifer Brady, English
1994 Dr. Horst R. Dinkelacker, Modern Languages and Literatures
1995 Dr. Carolyn R. Jaslow, Biology
1996 Professor Julia Ewing, Theatre
1997 Dr. Bradford D. Pendley, Chemistry
1998 Dr. Ellen T. Armour, Religious Studies
1999 Dr. Michael R. Drompp, History
2000 Dr. Brian W. Shaffer, English
2001 Dr. Stephen R. Haynes, Religious Studies
2002 Dr. Marshall Boswell, English
2003 Dr. Brent Hoffmeister, Physics
2004 Dr. Timothy S. Huebner, History
2005 Dr. Stephen J. Ceccoli, International Studies
2006 Dr. Tina Barr, English
2007 Dr. Patrick Shade, Philosophy
2008 Dr. Mark W. Muesse, Religious Studies
2009 Dr. P. Eric Henager, Modern Languages and Literatures
2010 Dr. Gordon Bigelow, English
2011 Dr. Bernadette McNary-Zak, Religious Studies
2012 Dr. Luther D. Ivory, Religious Studies
2013 Dr. Thomas Bryant, Music
2014 Dr. Teresa Beckham Gramm, Economics
2015 Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes, Chemistry
2016 Dr. Scott Newstok, English
2017 Dr. Marcus Pohlmann, Political Science
2018 Dr. Charles McKinney, History
2019 Dr. Amy Risley, International Studies
2020 Dr. Geoff Maddox, Psychology
2021 Dr. Brian Larkins, Mathematics and Computer Science
2022 Dr. Rebecca Finlayson, English
2023 Dr. David McCarthy, Art and Art History
2024 Dr. Erin Dolgoy, Politics and Law

Clarence Day Award for Research and Creative Activity

1981 Dr. John F. Copper, International Studies
1983 Professor Jack D. Farris, English
1984 Dr. Richard D. Gilliom, Chemistry
1985 Dr. David H. Kesler, Biology
1986 Professor Tony Lee Garner, Theatre
1987 Dr. James M. Olcese, Biology
1988 Dr. John F. Copper, International Studies
1989 Dr. Alan P. Jaslow, Biology
1990 Dr. Jack H. Taylor, Physics
1991 Dr. Marcus D. Pohlmann, Political Science
1992 Dr. Steven L. McKenzie, Religious Studies
1993 Dr. Robert J. Strandburg, Psychology
1994 Dr. Andrew A. Michta, International Studies
1995 Dr. Brian W. Shaffer, English
1996 Dr. Cynthia A. Marshall, English
1997 Dr. Stephen R. Haynes, Religious Studies
1998 Dr. Robert M. MacQueen, Physics
1999 Dr. Gail P. C. Streete, Religious Studies
2000 Dr. Susan M. Kus, Anthropology/Sociology
2001 Dr. Michael Nelson, Political Science
2002 Dr. Lynn B. Zastoupil, History
2003 Dr. Natalie K. Person, Psychology
2004 Dr. David P. McCarthy, Art
2005 Dr. Daniel G. Arce, Economics
2006 Dr. Ming Dong Gu, Modern Languages and Literatures
2007 Dr. Marshall Boswell, English
2008 Dr. Mary Miller, Biology
2009 Dr. Christopher Mouron, Mathematics and Computer Science
2010 Dr. Terry Hill, Biology; Dr. Darlene Loprete, Chemistry
2011 Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, History
2012 Dr. Shadrack W. Nasong’o, International Studies
2013 Dr. Patrick Gray, Religious Studies
2014 Dr. Katherine White, Psychology
2015 Dr. Christopher Seaton, Mathematics and Computer Science
2016 Dr. Carole Blankenship, Music
2017 Dr. Betsy Sanders, Mathematics and Computer Science
2018 Dr. Marsha Walton, Psychology
2019 Dr. Michael LaRosa, History
2020 Dr. David Rupke, Physics
2021 Dr. Scott Newstok, English
2022 Dr. Zac Casey, Educational Studies
2023 Dr. William Skoog, Music
2024 Dr. Larryn Peterson, Chemistry


Diehl Society Award for Service

1988 Dr. Harold Lyons, Chemistry
1989 Dr. John S. Olsen, Biology
1990 Professor David Ramsey, Music
1991 Dr. David Y. Jeter, Chemistry
1992 Dr. Gail C. McClay, Education
1993 Dr. Robert L. Llewellyn, Philosophy
1994 Dr. Douglas W. Hatfield, History
1995 Dr. Rebecca Sue Legge, Business Administration
1996 Dr. Charles C. Orvis, Economics
1997 Dr. Donald W. Tucker, Modern Languages and Literatures
1998 Dr. Kathryn L. Wright, Modern Languages and Literatures
1999 Dr. Marcus D. Pohlmann, Political Science
2000 Dr. F. Michael McLain, Religious Studies
2001 Dr. Michael P. Kirby, Political Science
2002 Dr. Robert J. Strandburg, Psychology
2003 Dr. Marsha D. Walton, Psychology
2004 Dr. Joseph A. Favazza, Religious Studies

The Jameson M. Jones Outstanding Faculty Service Award

2005 Dr. Ellen T. Armour, Religious Studies
2006 Dr. Timothy S. Huebner, History
2007 Dr. John C. Kaltner, Religious Studies
2008 Dr. Gail P. C. Streete, Religious Studies
2009 Dr. David Kesler, Biology
2010 Dr. Steve Ceccoli, International Studies
2011 Professor David Jilg, Theatre
2012 Dr. Milton Moreland, Religious Studies
2013 Dr. Rebecca S. Finlayson, English
2014 Dr. John Planchon, Commerce and Business
2015 Dr. Bernadette McNary-Zak, Religious Studies
2016 Dr. Judith Haas, English
2017 Dr. Natalie Person, Psychology
2018 Dr. Michael Drompp, History
2019 Dr. Pamela Church, Business
2020 Dr. Gary Lindquester,  Biology
2021 Dr. R. Elizabeth Thomas,  Urban Studies
2022 Dr. Leslie Petty, English
2023 Dr. Stephen Haynes,  Religious Studies