Life: Then and Now

Thomas Bremer, Department of Religious Studies
Patrick Gray, Department of Religious Studies 
Stephen R. Haynes, Department of Religious Studies
Kendra G. Hotz, Department of Religious Studies 
John C. Kaltner, Department of Religious Studies
Steven L. McKenzie, Department of Religious Studies
Bernadette McNary-Zak, Department of Religious Studies
Susan Satterfield, Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies
David Sick, Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies

In the first two courses of the Life: Then and Now program, the student is introduced to the major methodological approaches to the study of religion represented in the “Life” curriculum. The student selects the last course from a range of courses that apply these specific methodological approaches to different aspects of religion. Fuller course descriptions may be found in the departmental listings.

101-102. Biblical Texts and Contexts: Selected Topics.

Fall, Spring. Credits: 4 (per semester).

Degree Requirements: Life Then and Now, F1; F2i (RS 102 only)

This two-course sequence of selected topics enables students to develop critical knowledge of biblical texts and post-biblical traditions by helping them understand how these works and their histories of reception inform interpretive contexts. Students will acquire skills in critical thinking, analysis, reading, and writing that will equip them to recognize the relevance of the academic study of biblical texts and religion. Selected works from the biblical writings and affiliated literature will be discussed within the framework of topics that will allow students to explore their own and others’ operative assumptions about meaning and values.

Religious Studies 101-102 is a prerequisite for 200-level courses in the Religious Studies Department. Humanities 101-102 can substitute for this prerequisite.


Final Courses.

The concluding courses in the “Life” curriculum allow the student to focus in particular areas of the study of religion or philosophy. See the departmental listings under “Religious Studies,” “Philosophy,” and “Ancient Mediterranean Studies” for specific courses in the Life curriculum.