Music provides opportunities for all students to be involved with musical performances on campus.  The mission of Music at Rhodes College is to serve as a catalyst for life-long learning and appreciation for music. Our mission is to generate a comprehensive, diverse, flexible program of excellence in music, appealing to students of all walks of life at the college. Our intention is to help students develop aural, analytical and aesthetic intelligences and abilities, and prepare them for professional careers and/or graduate work in music, as desired. Our purpose is to create true appreciators of music as an art form and discipline, and to facilitate the human and spiritual growth of all who connect and engage with the department, whether by participating or observing. Rhodes College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music [NASM].

Becoming a Major in Music

Students intending to major in music are required to pass an audition on their principal instrument. This audition will take place during the semester jury/exam, which can be as early as their first semester of study, but is recommended to occur no later than mid-sophomore year. They must complete a Declaration of Major form which includes: an outline of their proposed course of study, an essay which details why they wish to major in music, and consultation with their academic advisor.

Sophomore-Year Review

Music majors are required to undergo a sophomore-year review. This review includes assessment of all previous juries (at least three semesters of study on their principal instrument) and an interview with full-time music faculty which will take place in February of the student’s sophomore year. This review helps assess academic and artistic progress and helps focus direction for the remainder of their undergraduate studies in music.

Applied Lesson Fee

Applied Music Fee. Students enrolled in applied music will be charged an additional fee of $490.00 per credit hour for private lessons. After the first applied music lesson, this applied lesson fee is nonrefundable.

Once declared, Music majors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to eight (8) credits of their principal applied instrument. Music majors taking more than eight (8) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the major will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

Once declared, Music minors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to four (4) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the minor will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

*All students enrolled in 20 or more credit hours in a semester are assessed the extra hour fee for each hour beginning with the 20th hour. When one of those hours is an applied music course which carries its own fee, the following happens:

Students who are neither music majors nor music minors are assessed the applied music fee, but have the extra hour fee removed from their account.

Students who are either music majors or music minors have the applied music fee removed from their account, but are assessed the extra hour fee at a rate that is equal to the current applied music fee.