Requirements for a Major in Music

A total of fifty-two (52) credits as follows:

  1. Music Theory Courses (12 credits)
          a. MUSC 204: Understanding Musicianship [F5]*
          b. Two 300-level music theory courses (306-313)
          *If placement test determines this course is redundant,
            choose three (3) 300-level music theory courses.
  2. Music History & Literature Courses (12 credits)
          a.  MUSC 227: Western Art Music I [F3]
          b.  MUSC 228: Western Art Music II [F3]
          c.  One F9 elective: MUSC 116, 117, 118, 119, 130, or select 105 sections
  3. Performance Courses (12 credits)
          a. 6 semesters of applied music lessons (MUSC 160-180 = 1 credit each)
          b. 6 semesters of large ensembles (MUSC 181-184, 190-194 = 1 credit each)
  4. Senior Experience (8 credits)
          a. MUSC 485-486: Senior Seminar & Presentation (4 credits)**
          b. MUSC 414: Conducting I (2 credits)
          c. MUSC 415: Conducting II or 300-level Composition (2 credits)
          **Co-requisite of applied music lessons (if choosing a performance project) OR
             Co-requisite of applied composition lessons (if choosing a composition project).
  5. Music Electives (8 credits)
    MUSC 101 does not fulfill this requirement.

Once declared, Music majors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to eight (8) credits of their principal applied instrument. Music majors taking more than eight (8) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the major will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

NOTE: Fine Arts Scholarship waivers for Applied Music fees are outlined in the award letter which supersedes music major and minor fee waivers outlined here.