Ancient Mediterranean Studies

The Ancient Mediterranean Studies program (formerly Greek and Roman Studies) helps students develop a thorough understanding of the ancient Greek, Roman, and associated cultures as the basis for the artistic, scientific, social, and political traditions of Western society.  

In addition to this disciplinary function, the department fulfills other roles in the college's curriculum:

The F10 Degree Requirement. The degree requirement in languages may be met by the successful completion of any appropriate four-credit course numbered 201 or higher or by demonstrating proficiency through placement into a language course at a level above 201 and approval by the appropriate language faculty. Students who take 201 (or higher) or the equivalent at another institution can earn transfer credit, but must still demonstrate proficiency in the specific language before the degree requirement is satisfied. This policy pertains to languages that are taught at Rhodes. Students for whom English is a second language may have this requirement waived.

Rhodes offers a secondary licensure program within the Teaching and Learning track of the Educational Studies major. This program prepares students to teach middle and/or high school in one of eleven endorsement areas, including Latin. The course of study for secondary licensure students is designed with guidance from faculty members in the discipline in which the student is being certified as well as members of the Educational Studies Program. All secondary licensure candidates are required to double major in Educational Studies and their endorsement discipline.