Liberal Arts in Prison

The Undergraduate Certificate in Liberal Arts is available to students participating in the Liberal Arts in Prison Program.  The Certificate is a 4-course, 12-credit undergraduate certificate.  The overall goals of the Liberal Arts in Prison program are

1) to expose incarcerated students to quality postsecondary education, which research shows can lower inmate recidivism by as much as 40% 

2) to enhance the lives of incarcerated men and women, the vast majority of whom will return to their home communities in Tennessee 

3) to offer foundational courses that are transferrable to any higher education institution

4) to increase the aspiration for postsecondary educational achievement among children and other family members of incarcerated students.


Requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Liberal Arts:

A total of 12 credits and 4 Classes:

HUM 010  Culture and Values I

HUM 020  Culture and Values II

HUM 030  Culture and Values III

HUM 040  Culture and Values IV