Honors in Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Detailed information about graduating with honors in Ancient Mediterranean Studies is available from the department. Only students with a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 and a GPA within AMS of 3.7 by the end of the fall semester of their junior year will be eligible to pursue honors. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the major with a concentration in either Greek, Latin, Classical Studies, or material culture, students seeking honors will be expected to complete the following additional work:

  1. AMS 495-496: Honors Tutorial. (AMS 496 will count as AMS 475-6 for students attempting to graduate with honors.)
  2. An honors thesis or project that demonstrates an exceptional understanding of one or more aspects of the ancient world. Such a project might take the form, for example, of a written thesis, an analysis of archaeological fieldwork, or the production of a tragedy or comedy.