Requirements for a Minor in Dance

A total of twenty-two (22) credits as follows:

  1. Dance Performance (14 credits)
    Select from MUSC 150-155 and MUSC 251-255, such as:
    •MUSC 150 (Dance for Musical Theatre) [F5]   
    •MUSC 155 (Topics in Dance) [F5 pending]   
    •MUSC 251 (Adv Jazz/Contemporary Dance) [F5]   
    •MUSC 255 (Advanced Topics in Dance) 
  2. Musical Structure (4 credits/1 course, dependent on placement)
    •MUSC 103 (Elements of Music) [F5] or    
    •MUSC 204 (Understanding Musicianship) [F5] or    
    •one from MUSC 306-313 [F6 & F2i available] 
  3. Dance in Culture (4 credits/1 course)
    •MUSC 265 (History of Musical Theatre) [F3 & F5]   
    •MUSC 231/HIST 226 (Musical Paris 1870-1940) [F3 & F5]   
    •ANSO 333 (Sociology and Hip Hop) [F9]   
    •Other courses/topics as approved by department.