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Requirements for a Minor in German Studies

A total of five courses (20 credits) above 201 as follows:

  1. German 301 and 302. Must be taken before any other 300-level course is attempted but may be taken concurrently with others. German 305 taken abroad may be substituted for one of these.
  2. At least one of the following: German 320-321 (each must be taken in conjunction with one credit of 311.)
  3. At least one course numbered 340 or higher.
  4. German 202 may be applied to the minor unless a student places into a higher level course in the curriculum.

Minors are also strongly encouraged to spend at least a semester at the University of Tübingen, the University of Landau, or with a departmentally approved ISEP program; equivalent courses from there will be accepted as substitutes.