Requirements for a Minor in German Studies

A total of six courses (24 credits) as follows:

  1. The German Studies minor begins from the point of student’s German language course placement. No course below a student’s language course placement can be counted towards the German Studies minor.
  2. Student must complete German 301 and 302.
  3. Students initially placing into 102 or higher must complete German 320 or 321.
  4. German 301 or 302 must be taken before any other 300-level course is attempted but may be taken concurrently with other 300-level courses.
  5. German 305 taken abroad may be substituted for either 301 or 302, but not both.
  6. Students may include one German Studies course taught in English (221, 240-248, or any course with a GRST elective attribute).

Minors are strongly encouraged to participate in an approved summer German immersion or study abroad program. See minor adviser for details.