Requirements for a Major in Anthropology/Sociology

A total of 48 credits as follows:

  1. Anthropology/Sociology 103 and 105
  2. Anthropology/Sociology 351 (to be taken fall of junior year)
  3. One of the following methods courses: Anthropology/Sociology 352, Anthropology/Sociology 254, Archaeology 120, Archaeology 450, Interdisciplinary Studies 225, Urban Studies 220, or other methodologically intensive course by petition (ideally taken junior year)
  4. Anthropology/Sociology 380 (to be taken fall of junior year)
  5. Anthropology/Sociology 485 (to be taken fall of senior year)
  6. Anthropology/Sociology 486 (to be taken spring of senior year)
  7. Five additional courses (20 credits) in Anthropology/Sociology

The five elective courses are chosen in conference with departmental faculty members and should reflect the student’s specific interests and needs. In addition to Anthropology and Sociology courses, students may count the following courses as electives towards the major: Field Research in Environmental Archaeology (ARCE 120), Learning From Things: Material Culture Studies (ARCE 210), Archaeological Methods (ARCE 220), Archaeological Field School (ARCE 450), Geographic Information Systems (INTD 225).