Requirements for a Minor in Archaeology

A total of twenty-four (24) credits as follows:

  1. Archaeology 210 or Anthropology 290: Learning from Things: Material Culture Studies.
  2. Archaeology 220 or Anthropology 254: Archaeological Methods or Art 220 Classical Archaeology
  3. Three courses that deal with archaeological issues offered in various departments. At least two departments must be represented to satisfy this requirement. A list of current courses is available each semester. The following courses are representative offerings that satisfy this requirement.
    • Anthropology/Sociology 202: Understanding the Past: Archaeological Perspectives on Culture
    • Anthropology/Sociology 207: Archaeology of Sex and Gender
    • Anthropology/Sociology 221: North of the Rio Grande: Indigenous People of North America
    • Anthropology/Sociology 224: Latin America before 1492
    • Anthropology/Sociology 265: Selected Introductory Topics in Anthropology and Sociology (when subject matter pertains to Archaeology)
    • Anthropology/Sociology 271: Ecological Anthropology
    • Anthropology/Sociology 275: Food and Culture
    • Anthropology/Sociology 325: The Maya and Their World
    • Anthropology/Sociology 327: Gender and Power in Latin America
    • Art 209: Art and Architecture of the Ancient Near East
    • Art 218: Greek Art and Architecture
    • Art 219: Roman Art and Architecture
    • Art 265: Topics in Art (when subject matter pertains to Archaeology)
      Art 353: Art and Life in Pompeii
    • Chemistry 107: Chemistry and Archaeology
    • Ancient Mediterranean Studies 361: GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology
    • Religious Studies 260: Archaeology and the Biblical World
    • Religious Studies 276-277: Selected Topics in Hebrew/Bible/Old Testament (when subject matter pertains to Archaeology)
    • Religious Studies 285-286: Selected Topics in New Testament (when subject matter pertains to Archaeology)
  4. A choice of one course from the following three options.
    • Archaeology 120: Field Research in Environmental Archaeology
    • Archaeology 450: Archaeological Field School
    • Archaeology 460: Internship