Requirements for a Major in Business

Requirements for a Major in Business

A total of forty-six (46 ) credits as follows:

1.  Business 241 Financial Accounting, 243 Managerial Accounting, 351 Corporate Financial Management, 361 Management of Organizations, 371 Marketing Management, 486 Senior Seminar in Business.

2.  Economics 100 Introduction to Economics.

3.  Economics 290 Statistical Analysis for Economics OR Mathematics 211 Applied Statistics for the Formal & Natural Sciences.

4.  Math 115 Applied Calculus, 116 Calculus with Business Applications or 122 Integral Calculus.

5.  Two courses from one of the following areas and one course from one of the remaining areas:

     a.  Accounting: Business 341 Intermediate Accounting I, 342 Intermediate Accounting II.

     b.  Finance: Business 452 Cases in Managerial Finance, 454 International Financial Management/Financial Analytics.

     c.  Management: Business 463 International Management, 466 Personnel and Human Resource Management, 467 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace.

     d.  Marketing: Business 472 Marketing Analytics and Metrics , 473 International Marketing, 474 Services Marketing.

     e.  Business 481 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.

     f.  Business 483 Advanced International Business Cases.

     g.  Business 484 Social Impact of Business in South Africa.

6.  Recommended: Business 460 Internship; Philosophy 210 Logic; Computer Science 141 Computer Science I, 142 Computer Science II; Media Studies 240 Public Speaking.