Requirements for a Minor in Chinese Studies

A total of twenty (20) credits in Chinese language (above the level of intermediate Chinese 202), literature and culture. The credits are spread across the following courses:


1. Chinese 301 and 302: Advanced Chinese*


2. Two of the Chinese Literature and Culture courses:

Chinese 205: Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

Chinese 206: Introduction to East Asian Cultures

Chinese 207: Orientalism and Global China on Screen

Chinese 210: Chinese Literary Heritage

Chinese 214: Introduction to Chinese Culture

Chinese 215: Gender in Chinese Literature

Chinese 216: Asian Urbanization through Cinema

Chinese 220: Contemporary Chinese Cinema

Chinese 409: Special Topics


3. One of the following courses:

History 282: Traditional China

History 283: Modern China

International Studies 261: Government and Politics of China

International Studies 262: China’s Foreign Policy

International Studies 263: Comparative Political Economy of East Asia

International Studies 264: China-Taiwan-US Relations


*Students may substitute 409 for 301 or 302.