Requirements for a Minor in Physics

A total of twenty (20) credits as follows:

  1. Physics 111-112 (or 109-110 with departmental approval) and Physics 113-114.
  2. Physics 211. 
  3. At least one additional 4-credit Physics course at the 200-level or above.
  4. Mathematics 122. 

Mathematics 112/113 (Precalculus and Differential Calculus) should be taken by any student who has not had a course in differential calculus in high school or elsewhere. Mathematics 223 (Multivariable Calculus) is recommended, but not required, and is a prerequisite for many upper-level physics courses.

Note: The College requires that at least four of the courses in the minor be outside the requirements of the student's major or majors and any other minors. Students majoring in Chemistry or Mathematics who intend to minor in Physics should be especially mindful of this requirement.