Requirements for a Major in Religious Studies

A total of thirty-six (36) credits as follows:

  1. Religious Studies 255, 256; One of the following: 251, 253 or 258.
  2. One 200-level course in Bible (260, 270-277, 280-286).
  3. One 200-level course in theology and ethics (211, 220, 232, 233). The Religion track of HUM 201 can count toward this requirement.
  4. Three 300-level courses. (Religious Studies 399, the Junior Honors Tutorial, does not count towards fulfilling this requirement.)
  5. Religious Studies 485 (Religious Studies 256 and at least one 300-level course must be completed prior to taking Religious Studies 485.)

Note: The Health Equity Internships (Religious Studies 460) may count toward fulfilling the third requirement for the Religious Studies major.