Requirements for a Major in International Studies

A total of forty-eight (48) credits as follows:

1. Required courses: International Studies 110, 120, 270, 300, 485.

2. Economics 100 or International Studies 311.

3. Twenty (20) additional credits in International Studies with at least 8 credits from each area (A - Global Leadership, and B - Regional Leadership).

4. Completion of courses in a foreign language through the second full year at the college level (through the 202-level). Any 4-credit foreign language course above the 202-level and taught in the foreign language could also be used to satisfy the language requirement.

5. Each student in the major will be required to complete an international experience. There are several ways to complete this requirement subject to the approval of the Department Chair. Students may take a study abroad course approved by the Rhodes College study abroad office; an internship in International Studies, INTS 460; or the Model UN course, INTS 133, four times. Any such international experience with course credit would count toward No. 3 above.

The Department of International Studies offers a number of interdisciplinary majors in collaboration with other departments. These majors include International Studies/Economics; International Studies/History; International Studies/Political Science; and International Studies/Russian Studies.