Politics and Law: Faculty and Staff


Michael Nelson. 1991. Fulmer Professor of Political Science. B.A., College of William and Mary; M.A. and Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. (American Presidency; Southern Politics; American politics.)
Marcus D. Pohlmann. Emeritus 1986. B.A., Cornell College; M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D., Columbia University. (American politics; legal studies; education policy, black political thought.)

Associate Professors

Erin A. Dolgoy. 2013. M.A. and Ph.D., Michigan State University. (Political theory, science and technology studies, American politics.)

Assistant Professors

Anna S. Eldridge. 2012. B.A., Rhodes College; J.D., Duke University. (Legal studies, internships, pre-law advising.)

Thomas Goodman. 2021. B.S., Northeastern University; M.A. Boston College; Ph.D. Boston College (American Politics, Congress, campaigns and elections)

Kyu Chul (Casey) Shin. 2021. B.A., Ursinus College; Ph.D., West Virginia University (American politics, race and ethnic studies, public policy, global affairs)

Director of Mock Trial

Anna R. Smith. 2012. B.A., Rhodes College; J.D. Duke University. (Legal studies; internships.)


Hannah Guess. 2020. Departmental Assistant. B.A. and M.A., University of Memphis.