Requirements for a Major in Political Science with Concentration in Politics and Law

The Department of Politics and Law offers students an opportunity to undertake an intensive study of the Constitution, law, and judicial branch of government, in the Politics and Law concentration.  All students who decide to concentrate in Politics and Law must do a public affairs internship focused on jurisprudence.

A total of forty-four (44) credits as follows:

  1. PLAW 151: U. S. Politics.
  2. PLAW 270: Research Methods.
  3. PLAW 485: Senior Seminar.
  4. One course in political thought and philosophy.
  5. International Studies 110 or International Studies 120.
  6. PLAW 460: Public Affairs Internship with a law concentration.
  7. Five additional courses (20 credits) in Political and Law, two of which must be at the 300 level. Students may count up to two International Studies courses towards their major.

In satisfying the requirements above, the Politics and Law concentration requires students to take any two of the following courses: PLAW 216: Philosophy of Law; PLAW 262: Trial Procedure; PLAW 264: Rights of the Accused; PLAW 280: Judicial Politics; PLAW 283: Topics in Public Law; and PLAW 301: Civil Liberties. Students may petition the chair to count one non-Politics and Law course that focuses on the study of jurisprudence as a substitute for one of the aforementioned courses.

PLAW 263 does not count toward a Political Science major.