Requirements for a Minor in Urban Studies

A total of 24 credits as follows:

  1. Introduction to Urban Studies (Urban Studies 201)
  2. One 4 credit course that provides an Urban Field Experience
    1. Urban Studies 362: Urban Field Research
    2. Urban Studies 460 (1 or 2): Internship.
    3. Religious Studies 460: Health Equity Internship. 
      Two of these courses may count toward the minor; only one is required. If two courses are taken, two additional courses should be selected from the urban studies curriculum rather than three courses as noted below.
  3. Four courses selected from the Urban Studies Curriculum (including Urban Studies major requirements and electives.) Two of these courses must come from fields outside of one’s major. One course must be taken at the 300 or 400 level (the Urban Field Experiences courses do not satisfy this upper level requirement.)

Courses in the Urban Studies Major and Urban Studies Electives that are regularly offered are listed under the major. Urban Studies elective courses may be added during the school year, including topics courses as appropriate. During registration, check Banner Web or the Urban Studies Program office for a complete list of Urban Studies electives. Other courses may be used to fulfill the minor requirement provided the courses: 1) contain an urban institutional or urban issues focus, and 2) are approved for minor credit by the Director of Urban Studies.