Requirements for a major in Chemistry, Drug Design track

This major track may be of interest to students interested in a career in pharmaceutical or medicinal chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, or other health professions. Many of the faculty members in the Chemistry department conduct research in this area (6 of the 10 faculty in the department) and so we have research opportunities for students who want to pursue this major.

1. Chem 120/125L: Foundations of Chemistry and Lab; Chem 211 and 212/212L: Organic Chemistry I and II and Lab; Chem 240/240L: Analytical Chemistry with lab; Chem 311 and 312/312L: Physical Chemistry I and II and Lab; Chem 315: Biochemistry; Chem 411: Medicinal and Computational Chemistry with lab; Chem 416: Mechanisms of Drug Action; and Chem 415: Advanced Biochemistry

2. Math 122: Integral Calculus

3. Phys: 109/110 or 111/112 with labs: Physics I and II and Labs